How To Make The Night The Tooth Fairy Comes Fun For You And Your Child

It's almost like a right of passage when a child loses their first teeth and they place those teeth under their pillow in the hopes the tooth fairy will come. You can make the night the tooth fairy arrives a fun one and one that your child will remember for years, and not just because they received money. Here are some ideas to help make the night the tooth fairy comes a special one for you and your child.

Get Reacquainted With Your Love Of Reading

When was the last time that you read a suspense novel that was filled with twists and turns, moments of surprise, and well-developed characters who you could relate to? If you are an avid reader but have been neglecting your interest lately, get back into the groove by purchasing some new books and digesting the written words from the comfort of a cozy reading nook. Join A Discussion Group Or Book Club