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How To Make The Night The Tooth Fairy Comes Fun For You And Your Child

It's almost like a right of passage when a child loses their first teeth and they place those teeth under their pillow in the hopes the tooth fairy will come. You can make the night the tooth fairy arrives a fun one and one that your child will remember for years, and not just because they received money.

Here are some ideas to help make the night the tooth fairy comes a special one for you and your child.

Write Out An Order Form For The Tooth For Money

An interesting and unique idea you can do for your child the night the tooth fairy is to come is to write out an 'order form' for the tooth fairy. You can take a pad of paper, or create something online that looks like an order form. You can put in your child's name and what it is they are 'selling' to the tooth fairy. You could place the amount the child can be expected to get, or an estimate of what the tooth should cost into the order form.

Then place the order form beside your child's bed with the tooth in a dish beside it. When your child's asleep, take the order form away and leave a receipt for the tooth's payment and the money itself.

Take Your Child Out To Pick Out The Special Dish Or Make One

One fun thing you can do with your child the day the tooth fairy comes is you can take them to the store and buy a special dish for them to place their tooth in. You can head to a local thrift shop and pick out a small but pretty dish, or one that speaks to your child.

You could also take an older dish or one you buy from a store and decorate it yourselves. There are paints that can be used with porcelain dishes. This can make a fun and crafty way to spend a few hours with your child.

Read A Tooth Fairy Book Right Before Bed

Just like if you read the Christmas classic "The Night Before Christmas" to your child before Santa Claus comes, you could choose a special tooth fairy story book to read the night the fairy is to make an appearance. There are several to choose from on the market, and it can be part of the ritual of getting ready for the tooth fairy to come and 'buy' the child's tooth.