Enjoying Great Novels With My Family

Get Reacquainted With Your Love Of Reading

When was the last time that you read a suspense novel that was filled with twists and turns, moments of surprise, and well-developed characters who you could relate to? If you are an avid reader but have been neglecting your interest lately, get back into the groove by purchasing some new books and digesting the written words from the comfort of a cozy reading nook.

Join A Discussion Group Or Book Club

If you aren't up to date about modern authors and their respective books, it can be confusing when it comes time to choose a novel. If you have purchased books in the past that looked intriguing while on a store's shelf but then you found that they were rather mundane and uninteresting as you got further into each story, then maybe some inspiration will assist with your reading choices.

Joining a book discussion group or acquiring a book club membership that features modern women suspense novels that were written by promising authors can be very beneficial. Inquire at your local library or neighborhood bookstore about clubs that are accepting new members, and then join the club that piques your interest the most and that fits into your weekly schedule.

Create A Suitable Reading Area

Upon joining a discussion group or club, you may learn that your input is important and that a specific book will be reviewed on a particular date. Because a deadline is involved, you will be motivated to sit down and read for a while whenever you have some extra time to spare.

Create a reading area that is quiet and comfortable so that you are not distracted during each reading session. If you live with your spouse and children, let them know about your interest in reading some suspense novels and agree upon some times for you to read without being interrupted. Use throw pillows, a sofa, some warm blankets, and a reading lamp to create a cozy reading nook.

Prior to each reading session, turn off your phone or direct all of your calls to your voicemail. Prepare a snack and beverage to enjoy while you are immersed in one of the books. On days that you are scheduled to discuss what you have read, be honest about your opinion and listen to what others have to say about the women novelists who have written the suspense stories that you have been reading.