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Gifts For A World War I Enthusiast

World War I was a major world event that will forever be remembered, and many people are still very interested in the topic today. If you have a friend or loved one who is a WWI buff, you may want to get them a gift that reflects their interest. Some great gifts to give a World War I enthusiast include:

Wall Art

There are many retailers who sell replicas of posters from the time of World War I, and someone with a keen interest in that time period would likely love to frame one and hang it on a wall in their home. If your budget is larger in size, you may even be able to track down original posters printed during World War I.

Coffee Table Book

World War I lasted for several years and there are numerous photographs of the front lines and the destruction of Europe. Look for a beautiful coffee table book to gift your loved one who is fascinated in WWI. A coffee table book about the war will likely include a variety of photographs as well as interesting text that explains facts about the war.

Historical Fiction Novels

If your loved one is a voracious reader and a World War I enthusiast, consider addressing both of those interests by purchasing a historical novel set during World War I. When you gift a WWI fiction novel, the recipient will be able to lose themselves in a fascinating story set during one of their favorite time periods in history.


Several countries issued special coins during World War I -- spend some time tracking a few down so your loved one can own a piece of history. Prior to making a purchase, make sure you do some research so you can confidently buy coins that you know are authentic. Researching the coins will also ensure that you don't overpay for a World War I coin.


World War I and its effects have been discussed in detail for decades. Over the years, some high-quality documentaries have been produced that cover different aspects of the war. Many of these documentaries are available on DVD, so think about gifting your loved one a highly acclaimed documentary on one of their favorite subjects. 

Replica Medals

Many soldiers were awarded medals for their courageous acts during World War I, and today it is possible to purchase replica medals from that time. Look through the different replica medals available and select one that you think would have personal meaning to your loved one.