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How To Become A Modern-Day Sphinx

The Sphinx of Ancient Egypt was known for its riddles and sage advice. Heroes of the day had to solve the short and long riddles the sphinx spoke -- or suffer the consequences. If you love riddles and want to be a modern-day sphinx, here is how to get started.

Invest in Riddle Books

There are dozens of riddle books you can read and from which you can learn many a riddle. If you are serious about becoming a true riddle-sayer, buy several riddle books for your collection and memorize a riddle a day. (You could memorize more than one riddle, if you like, but a riddle a day is adequate.) Real sphinxes often told up to three riddles at one time to test the brain power and worthiness of the heroes, but if you are trying to memorize an especially long riddle, one a day is enough.

Learn to "Think Outside the Box" about Everyday Things

Sphinxes told riddles wherein the answers were everyday items. When the answers were revealed, it was often a surprise because of the fact that these items were never looked at in the same way that the sphinxes saw them or thought about them. Sit down and look at an everyday object in entirely new and different ways. If a sphinx thought that anything could pass through the eye of a needle simply by holding the eye of the needle up close to one's own eye, you will need to view and think of other things like this too. Develop the brain "muscle" to think outside the box, and you will be able to develop your own unique riddles, just like the sphinx.

Write Your Own Unique Riddles

Writing your own unique riddles will not only help you become more sphinx-like, but also help you commit these riddles to memory. The great sphinxes of old spent countless hours standing guard over entrances and places of great import, pondering and thinking up new riddles. Model your riddle-writing behavior after that of these ancient mythological creatures, and you are sure to come up with dozens of new riddles that other writers and riddle lovers have not. Additionally, if you write down all of the long and short riddles you create, and they really are nothing like any other riddle ever written, you may want to publish the riddles in a book (or you may just want to store them away to challenge heroes that stop on your doorstep!).