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2 Tips To Help You Purchase Historical Fiction For Your Child

As you purchase holiday gifts for your child this year, make sure that you include some books under the tree. Reading is crucial to your child's social and academic development, and fostering a love of reading and books is a great way to make this task more enjoyable for your child. Here are two tips to help you purchase the right historical fiction books for your child.

#1 Age Appropriate

The first thing that you need to do is make sure that the historical fiction books you are purchasing for your child are age appropriate. Look at the books that your child is reading in school to determine what is age appropriate for your child. You may also want to ask your child's teacher what your child's reading level is; teachers regularly test and keep track of their students reading levels and your child's reading level could be above or below your child's actual grade level.

For example, your child may be in the second grade, but may have a fifth grade reading level. A chapter book may be more appropriate for your child than a picture book. Or, if your child is in the second grade, but is reading at the first grade level, a more text-orientated picture book would be more appropriate.

When you go to the bookstore to purchase a historical fiction book for your child, the reading level should be marked on the book or the bookstore should be able to look up the reading level for you.

#2 Interest Appropriate

Next, you need to take into consideration your child's interest when choosing historical fiction books for your child. Many people wrongly assume that historical fiction is all about war and fighting; however, there are many types of historical fiction.

For example, if your child is really into cars, try purchasing your child a book about different vehicles that have been made throughout time or a story about someone who made or restored vehicles. Or, if your child is really into stories about people who are like them, purchase a historical fiction book set in a specific time period that tells the story of a boy or girl from that period of time. Or, if your child is really into science, try to find a science based historical fiction.

There are lots of historical fiction books out there, so don't feel cornered into one type of book. Instead, choose a book that fits your child's other interests as well.

A historical fiction book can be a great holiday gift for your child. It can help fuel your child's interest in reading as well as help your child learn about different periods of time. For more information, contact local professionals like Rekindled.